Resistance and Revolution: The Anti-Vietnam War Movement at the University of Michigan, 1965-1972

Tom Hayden Interviews: Part 1

Part 1: Tom Hayden discusses when he attended the University of Michigan, what he studied, his experience in the Michigan Daily, and how he began reporting on political currents on campus.

Part 2: Tom Hayden discusses his involvement in the firing of the Dean of Women, as well as the early beginnings of Students for a Democratic Society.

Part 3: Tom Hayden continues to discuss the early beginnings of SDS, how he became involved in SDS, his experience in interviewing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his involvement in the creation of the Peace Corps. 

Part 4: Tom Hayden discusses the impact the assassination of President Kennedy had on liberal students, the early understandings of students having the ability to affect social change, the philosophers that the New Left used to create its ideas, and the origins of participatory democracy. 

Part 5: Tom Hayden discusses participatory democracy, what led SDS to write the Port Huron Statement, and the Port Huron Conference.

Part 6: Tom Hayden continues to discuss the Port Huron Conference, what it was like to write the Port Huron Statement in the midst of all the red-baiting taking place, and the inaccuracies of Cold War realism.