Resistance and Revolution: The Anti-Vietnam War Movement at the University of Michigan, 1965-1972

Tom Hayden Interviews: Part 2

Part 7: Tom Hayden discusses the differences between the New Left and Liberal Democrats in regards to communism and the Vietnam War, his experience in the Civil Rights Movement, how SNCC was the foundation for ERAP, how the Free Speech Movement was an example of the ideas of the Port Huron Statement in action, and SDS' progam, ERAP.

Part 8: Tom Hayden discusses how PREP was a compliment to ERAP, the ideas of the Port Huron Statement throughout the Vietnam War period, the University's role in the lives of students, and the splittling of ideologies during the 1960s.

Part 9: Tom Hayden further discusses some of the varying ideologies in the anti-Vietnam War movement, the collapse of SDS, the Underground in America, and the radicalization of the New Left movement.

Part 10: Tom Hayden discusses the legacy of the Port Huron Statement and SDS as well as how people naturally desire participatory democracy.