Finally Got the News


The motto of the paper, found in the top left corner: “Freedom from Oppression does not come without SACRIFICE… And no sacrifice is too great for the ultimate victory over OPPRESSION!”

Finally Got the News: The Official Organ of the Black Student Union represented the “Black student movement” on U-M's campus, a movement that the BSU argued in 1971 was catalyzed by three events: the Montgomery bus boycott, the lynchings of Emmett Till and Charlie Parker, and the Little Rock Nine.

The third issue featured an article entitled “Black Women at the point of reproduction: Class, Caste and Ass” detailing the exploitation of identities unique to black women:

“Historically, the Black woman has been the most exploited of the labor force, and not only at the point of production, but also at the point of reproduction. She has been subjected to multiple exploitations since she arrived in this country because she is Black, a woman, and a worker. Seeking her support, the Women’s Liberation Movement attempted to solve the problem of discrimination because of sex. However, this movement did not solve the problems of exploitation, oppression, and racism that the rest of her race encountered in their day-to-day life.”



Black Student Union (University of Michigan), “Finally Got the News: The Official Organ of the Black Student Union, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.” Finally Got the News, (1971).

Finally Got the News