The project was made possible through funding from the University of Michigan History Department and the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, with additional support from Lisa and Timothy J. Sloan.

We would like to thank the staff at the Bentley Historical Library, especially Karen Jania, Malgosia Myc, Karen Wright, and Cinda Nofzinger for their assistance in locating materials, their patience, and advice. The Bentley Historical Library was our primary home for two months, and we enjoyed the most welcoming and helpful attitude of everyone.

In addition, Julie Herrada, the curator of the Joseph A. Labadie Collection, was instrumental in introducing us to antiwar activism on campus and beyond. Her institutional knowledge contributed significantly to the completion of this project. We also express our gratitude to Jonathan Marwill, who was kind enough to share his expertise in the history of Ann Arbor and World War I.

Gregory Parker deserves a special thank you. He designed the website, taught us how to use it, and patiently answered endless questions.