Primary Sources

Collections and Papers From the Bentley Historical Library (BHL) and the Joseph Labadie Collection (JLC) held at Special Collections, University of Michigan.

Individuals' papers and collections below comprise mainly scrapbooks, letters, correspondences, news paper clippings, personal diaries, etc, during and around WWI period. These individuals were involved in the war in one way or the other. Some had direct experiences as soldiers, or they served in other war related capacities, some were University of Michigan staff and officials who played vital roles in the war, some actually resisted the war.

Frederick Clever Bald Papers (BHL)

Ray E. Bassett Scrapbook (BHL)

Andrew Babicki Collection (BHL)

Leo Beslock Papers (BHL) 

Roy Dikeman Chapin (BHL)

Clippert Family Papers (BHL)

Crawford Family Papers, 1898 and 1917-1919 (BHL)

Ernest B. Drake Papers (BHL)

Arthur W. Ehrlicher Papers (BHL)

Warren W. Florer Papers (BHL)

James C. Foster Papers  (BHL) 

Rudolph H. Gjelsness Papers (BHL) 

Harold Studley Gray Papers (BHL)

Lucia Isabelle Voorhees Grimes (BHL) 

Haughey Family Correspondence (BHL)

Ford A. Hinchman Papers (BHL)

William Herbert Hobbs Papers (BHL)

Agnes Inglis Papers (JLC)

Henry Bourne Joy Papers (BHL) 

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology Papers, 1890-1979 (BHL)

James Frederick Lawton papers   1908-1969 (BHL)

Thomas Francis McAllister Papers (BHL)

Samuel Dewitt Pepper Papers (BHL)

Carl Ernest Schmidt Scrapbooks (BHL)

Rebecca Shelley Papers (BHL)

Sligh Family Papers (BHL)

Claude Halstead Van Tyne Papers (BHL)

William Edward Votruba Papers (BHL)

Louis C. Walker Papers (BHL)

Clifford Wilcox Papers (BHL)


Institutional and Organizational  Records

Senate (University of Michigan) Records (BHL)

Women’s League of the University of Michigan (BHL)


Published Primary Sources 

In addition to a large collection of family papers and individual collections, the team examined published primary sources held by University of Michigan library, including newspapers, student publications, yearbooks, etc. 

Atkins, H. E. Souvenir, Camp Custer, Michigan. Battle Creek, Mich.: Atkins Engraving Co., 1918. 

Carl E.W.L Dahlstrom, Sent to Hell from Ann Arbor: A College Student’s World War One. Portland: Quaker Abbey Press. 

The Michigan Daily 

The Michigan Alumnus

The Ann Arbor News

The Ann Arbor Daily Times

The Detroit Free Press


Secondary Sources Consulted

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