Kenneth Easlick (1893-1979)

Kenneth Easlick, 1917

Graduation 1917

Kenneth A.  Easlick in Verdun, 1917

In Verdun, 1917

Kenneth A. Easlick graduated from the University of Michigan in 1917. After that he volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army Ambulance Service. He served with other Michigan men in a detached service unit with the Frech Army. He recorded his journey from student to service man through photographs. The pictures show his journey from Ann Arbor, to the training camp in Pennsylvania and to the European front.  In addition to capturing the experience of a member of the Ambulance Corps in images, he wrote letters to his family.  While the collection of Kenneth Easlick as it relates to World War I is small, the intimacy we get from his personall account is irreplacable. Easlick survived the war and returned to the University of Michigan to receive a dental degree in 1928.

Kenneth Easlick (1893-1979)