William Herbert Hobbs

William Herbert Hobbs Photo

William Herbert Hobbs was a professor of geology at the University of Michigan during World War I and became the president of the University’s chapter of the National Security League. Hobbs was a zealous proponent of war preparedness and hosted several large pro-war rallies. Hobbs also testified against several members of the German department who were under fire from the Regents for their “disloyalty,” and was instrumental in their removal from the faculty. Alfred Lloyd and President Hutchins were continually frustrated with Hobbs’ reactionary statements and propaganda activities, and the extent to which the NSL had taken over campus life because of Hobbs’ leadership. [1]


[1] Clifford Wilcox, “World War I and the Attack on Professors of German at the University of Michigan” (preliminary draft, University of Michigan, 1992), 1-22.