Supporting Minority Students

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Throughout the late 20th century, the University of Michigan strove to become an inclusive university. With this came the development of the Minority Student Services, a student-led group that provided minority students with tools and services to make the most of their time at the University.  

The Minority Student Services not only held events and meetings for students, it also provided them with pamphlets and packets containing useful information. The pamphlets were rich in resources and advice for studying at the University and living in Ann Arbor. They also contained lists of businesses who served specific cultural foods, tips for succeeding in classes, and information about overcoming racial discrimination.1

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Minority women had many resources opened up to them through the MSS. A "Woman's Advocate," as described in the image below, was an aid open to women who needed help.

Women's Advocate.JPG



1. Minority Student Services, University of Michigan Publications 1972-1986, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan.