Buildings Named After Women


Helen Newberry Residence

The children of Helen Newberry donated the funds to the University of Michigan in order to build a women's residence in memory of their mother. Helen Newberry had been a strong supporter of the efforts of the Women's League before her death.

Martha Cook Residence

William Cook, a wealthy alum from New York, donated the funds for the first women's residence and a new law school. He named Martha Cook in honor of his mother, at the suggestion of Myrtle White, a leader of the Women's League.

Betsy Barbour House

Levi Barbour donated the funds for a women's residence that could house his Barbour Scholars. He named it Betsy Barbour in honor of his mother.

Mosher-Jordan Hall

The first true dormitory, Mosher-Jordan Hall is named after the first two Deans of Women, Dr. Eliza Mosher and Myra Jordan.

Henderson House 

Mary Barton Henderson tirelessly and nearly single-handedly campaigned for the construction of the Michigan League Building. In 1945, the Alumnae Council named a co-operative house in her honor.

Alice Lloyd Hall

Alice Crocker Lloyd was the Dean of Women from 1930-1950. She graduated from Michigan in 1916.

Stockwell Hall

Stockwell Hall is named after the first woman student at the University, Madelon Stockwell.

Mary Markley Hall

Mary Markley was a graduate of the University of Michigan and a leader of the Alumnae Council, remaining close to the University for most of her life. She also wrote a history of the Women's League for their records.

Vera Baits Houses

Vera Baits graduated from the University of Michigan in 1915 with a degree in teaching. She was appointed to the Board of Regents, serving from 1943-1958. As a student she was the Women's Editor of the Michigan Daily

Bell Pool

Margaret Bell was the chairman of the Program of Physical Education for Women and a physician in the University Health Service. Bell Pool is located in the Central Campus Recreation Building (CCRB).


This list does not include all of the buildings named after women or the large number of houses within Residence Halls named after important women alumnae and leaders.


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