Ending the Business of Injustice: Anti-Sweatshop Activism at the University of Michigan, 1999-2007

2007 Sit-In Footage

Throughout the day, SOLE members passed around a video camera to record the atmosphere of the sit-in as well as their interactions with university administration. Those recordings are reproduced below, slighly edited for length. In this footage, students sing and play guitar, Gary Krenz offers to set-up a meeting with himself and Larry Root, the chair of the President's Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights, SOLE leaders discuss their motivation for doing anti-sweatshop work, and officers eventually arrest the twelve students occupying the office.

Blase Kearney, Sweatfree Sit-In, Parts 1 & 2, April 4, 2007, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgBSi9Sjmkw.