Formals and Hops


Junior Hop, February 15, 1889

Formal dances and balls were some of the only times during the school year where men and women could engage in social activities together until late at night. There were multiple University sanctioned formals throughout the year, each catering to a specific student demographic. The Freshman Spread was an informal party in the early fall put on by the sophomores to induct freshmen into the community. Another freshmen-oriented event was the Freshman Pageant, where over 100 freshman girls put on a performance to build solidarity among the female student body, followed by Lantern Night. The Junior Hop, or J-Hop, was a dance for juniors and one of the most important dances at the University. Individual sororities and fraternities hosted their own formals, with creatively detailed invitations. Another memorable event was Michigras, a fundraiser for the Women’s Athletic Association and “M” club.