Women's Glee Club



The Women's Glee Club started in 1893, then known as the University Girls' Glee Club. In the 1950s, the Women’s Glee Club ceased to exist due to lack of interest; it was reinstated on campus two decades later in 1976.1 In the few years after the revival of the club, there were only 20 or so women affiliated with the club, but the members soon grew exponentially; by 1986, the club had 62 members.2

Audio clip from the 2002 Women's Glee Club Winter Concert 


Faced by competition and a lack of public enthusiasm for the Women’s Glee Club concerts, director Rose Savarino Edwards worked hard to give the ensemble a greater presence at the University and at a regional level. The Women’s Glee Club soon began touring at the national and then international level and included a wide repertoire. None of the singers were enrolled in the music school.3

Edwards was known for throwing the Glee Club members' brunch and renowned for the food she prepared for them. Included here is a recipe for her famous “Eggs in a Basket” (Ann Arbor News, March 27, 1985).

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