Judiciary Council


The Women's League and the Michigan Union each had a council that governed social life for women and men, respectively. Governing rules and regulations for women’s social life happened under the student-run Judiciary Council. The Judiciary Council handled issues from class tardiness to drinking, with the latter offense often resulting in expulsion. The Council also enforced rules such as the prohibition of parties in League-sponsored houses. Otherwise, there would be “unattractive parlors and too few girls in a house to give parties.” The League and the Judiciary Council annually published the “Women’s Roles and Rules” book, which introduced incoming freshmen to life in dorms, making friends, involvement in social activities, and women’s rules. While the manual continued to be circulated into the 1960s, the extensive rules and regulations portion was omitted once Dean Bacon stepped down.  


Judiciary Council, Box 1, Women’s League University of Michigan Records, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan.